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Claudia Doderer

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Claudia Doderer’s spatial works are deeply rooted in musical ideas and patterns. They resound as a polyphonic, multidimensional play of lines and perspectives. As latent movements frozen into mere insinuations they enable manifold resonances. Coming from a background in scenography, Claudia Doderer’s focus today is on the spatial conditions of performativity, which she investigates in the objects and scenes of musical theater.

(Extract from a text by Patrick Klingenschmitt, 2019)


How does Claudia Doderer, architect of spaces for contemporary music and ballet, who directed and created stage design for important operas, achieve capturing the early experience of freedom in small formats? There is something touching in her turning away from the power of the cherished scenographic space. Though the base material is still the model board of earlier days, slightly colored, layered in so many different shades of white, what is of interest to Claudia Doderer today is the little, the pure, the contours, the shadow, the cautiously unwieldy, the quiet resistances. See how the white exudes it’s not being at someone’s disposal! But there is also the muffled warmth of a birch veneer, or a sudden red, like a darting flame, a warning. Time and again the unexpected occurs. Something is offset, folded in an unfamiliar way, bent without cause, an outlier to the order. An energy still unknown, something joyfully perturbing announces itself in these objects.

(Extract from a text by Gertrud Leutenegger, 2020, translation Andreas Müller)


Claudia Doderer was born in Wiesbaden and currently lives and works in Berlin.
Her objects and works on and with paper have been on view in numerous exhibitions since 2017. She was a fellow at the Villa Aurora, Los Angeles in 2012 and since then, has devoted her artistic research to the topic of 'music and space'. She has been guest lecturer at music conservatories and art academies throughout the world (including Academy of the Performing Arts and Music, Frankfurt am Main, CalArts, Ca., Aalto University Helsinki, China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou).

Doderer graduated from the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Berlin where she studied with Achim Freyer in the master class for stage design, and experimental composition with Dieter Schnebel. Since 1986, she has directed and created stage design for classical works from the repertoire as well as for premieres of new works at a wide variety of international venues and opera houses.



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