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Upcoming Exhibition

Tiina Heiska


TH 2018 exhib text

TH 2018 exhib text

Galerie Pugliese Levi is pleased to present the first solo show in Germany of Finnish artist
Tiina Heiska.

You are kindly invited to attend the opening in the presence of the artist
with an introduction by Dr. Laura Hirvi, Director of The Finnish Institute in Germany,
Friday, 24 August 2018 at 18:00.

The exhibition receives the friendly support of The Finnish Institute in Germany.

I have some kind of vision because there has to be something to aim to, but it never turns out like that. I actually pursue a moment when a painting starts to find its own path and offers me something to go on. It’s a long, chaotic and eventful process, while the original motif is turning into different versions or sometimes even changes completely.
Tiina Heiska, May 2018

Galerie Pugliese Levi presents the first solo show of the Finnish artist Tiina Heiska in Germany.

In her paintings, Tiina Heiska depicts the human condition, our contact with ourselves and existence.

Referencing photographic and filmic situations, Heiska’s female figures are mysterious and sometimes troubling. Systematically and with a firm hand, Heiska constructs a dramatic tension. Wide brushstrokes attest to the moment of the painting’s making. Colours are minimal and monochromatic yet intense, they reveal the light in scenes otherwise often pervaded with darkness.

Alice in Wonderland alike – Heiska’s figures, or just the trace of their movements, recall very womanly states. The little girl and the grown-up woman, innocence and sensuality, children’s games and dreams, adults’ fears, desire and fantasies alternate and surprisingly intermingle.

TH 2018 bio

TH bio (2018)

Artist Profile

Born in Helsinki in 1959, Tiina Heiska studied Fine Arts at the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts and at the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH. She had solo shows in Helsinki, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, Oslo and Malmö. Her works are in private and public collections, such as Wihuri Foundation, Helsinki Art Museum, Amos Anderson Art Museum, The Finnish State Art Collection, The Saastamoinen Foundation, Sara Hildén Art Museum, Heino Art Foundation and Oulu Museum of Art.

Tiina Heiska