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Galerie Pugliese Levi
Olga Pugliese Levi
Auguststraße 62
10117 Berlin
T  +49 30 280 911 90

USt-IdNr: DE 309453070


Copyrights and content on this website

Please respect that all texts, images, logos and art works shown on this website are protected by copyright. Therefore it is forbidden to use or copy any of the content on this website without prior written permission by the copyright owner. If the copyright owner is not the gallery itself, Galerie Pugliese Levi might be an intermediary for requests regarding the use of content on this website. The gallery cannot be held responsible for any content on external websites if links on this website refer to these. The gallery does not use cookies or other means to track or gather information about visitors of this site; however, the gallery cannot exclude that the webhost or service provider of this website uses such techniques.


Data protection

Gallery Pugliese Levi (hereafter simply "gallery") would like to explain how, what for and which kind of data of visitors of the website, newsletter recipients and customers is collected and stored by the gallery. The information is given within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force May 25, 2018.
This information concerns visitors of the website, recipients of the exhibition announcements (by e-mail or post) and customers of the gallery.

Visitors to the website

Neither the gallery nor the web provider use cookies on the website The website is operated by a  provider. It collects and stores information of the website visitors exclusively for statistical evaluation and technical optimization of the website. The stored information includes: referrer (previously visited web page), requested web page or file, browser type and browser version, operating system, device type, time of access and IP address.

Recipient of the exhibition announcements by e-mail (newsletter)

Visitors to the website can leave their e-mail address (and, if desired, their first name and surname) to be informed about upcoming exhibitions. The form can be found on the page "Contact". The information given there is currently still stored by the provider Mailchimp. There they can be managed by the gallery and used to send the exhibition announcements. The provider is located in the US. In addition, visitors to the gallery on-site can leave their contact details to receive exhibition announcements via email. These contact details are stored locally and additionally stored either temporarily or permanently with a European provider of newsletterservices.

Tracking the exhibition announcements by e-mail (newsletter)

When sending the exhibition announcements by e-mail techniques are used, which should allow to recognize which recipient has viewed or opened the announcement. This data is used to determine whether the emails could be delivered or whether many were marked as spam and may have not reached the recipients. These data will be deleted within six months after each emailing.

Recipient of the exhibition announcements by post

Some people will receive an exhibition announcement by post. In this case, the gallery has locally stored their contact information including postal address.



Kind of stored data

The gallery stores data of persons which corresponds to the information on a business card. In addition, if necessary, it stores simple information about the type and description of the particular group of persons to whom the contact belongs (such as "Visitors to the gallery during the exhibition of ..." or "Press"). In any case, data beyond name and e-mail address will be stored locally and not shared with third parties.

Delete, correct and view data

Your requests to delete, view or correct your data at the gallery can be sent to In addition, recipients of the exhibition announcements by e-mail will find a link at the end of each e-mail in order to unsubscribe. Of course, on request, the gallery will also send you a dataset containing the data stored with inforamtion related to you.

Purpose of data storage

The data is stored for the following purposes:

  • Sending exhibition announcements, press releases and, if necessary, sending important information by e-mail or by post.
  • In addition, the necessary data for billing will be saved.

Duration of data storage

The data for the above mentioned purposes will be stored as long as they are needed for the specific purpose; Data for information by e-mail or post so long as the gallery sends such information or until the recipient asks for deletion. If a person requests the deletion of their data, they will not be saved anymore. Billing data is stored according to the legal requirements. Data which is generated by tracking the e-mail exhibition announcements will be deleted after 6 months at the latest.

Data security

Locally stored data is stored in encrypted form. Backup copies are also encrypted.
Data stored by third-party employees (at most name and e-mail address) are stored by well-known providers and may not be used by third parties.

Number of emails and information

The gallery informs about 6 to 10 times a year with exhibition announcements by e-mail and/or by post. To the same extent, press releases will be sent. In addition, special event-related emails can be sent in even more rare occasions.